Boosting CTR in Facebook dynamic product ads campaigns with customized feed images

Dynamic product ads are tailored for retail advertisers like Euronics. Euronics Czech Republic is a member of Euronics group — Europe’s largest buying group for consumer electronics. In Czech Republic, Euronics has around 120 stores. Stores are connected with e-commerce system, customers can buy products and take orders in store. It’s one of the most used shipping methods.

We used to work with product ads a lot in our Euronics campaigns because the primary goal of our campaigns were purchases. Another main goal was driving relevant users to the website.

We were using Facebook Pixel to collect data from websites, like product views, products added to cart or purchases. This data allows us to optimalize the campaign results and target very specific groups of users. For example people who visited a product but didn’t add it to the cart or people who added the product to the cart but didn’t proceed with the purchase. These target groups worked pretty well. We also were cross-selling our products through categories to all website visitors.

In Euronics campaigns we were trying to achieve the best results. We were testing different dynamic templates, different copy, etc. However we saw a big potential in editing the product images in the product feed. The source product images came in varying sizes and many of them look too ugly when used in a dynamic template.

We tried and it helped us with editing images in the product feed. It took every image, one by one, and modified them to fit the dynamic ad template. We also added the brand logo to each image to connect the products with Euronics.

New dynamic ad creative looks perfect!

At the beginning of March we added a new product feed to Facebook Catalog. The clickthrough rate of the ad links was increasing every day even though Facebook was still processing our new product feed. It took several days to replace all images from old campaigns with the new ones. After this was complete, we saw a further significant rise of CTR. We also noticed that based on this the cost per link click has decreased.

The results were surprising for us!

As a main advantage of Feedu I find significant acceleration of feed changing proceses. To process a change of all web pictures in corporations such as Euronics with thousands web products, normally takes months. With feedu such a change is possible even within hours. Feedu helps Euronics to communicate via FB ads in more professional way. This reflects also the performance results.

— Žaneta Kubíčková, online marketing manager at Euronics ČR